Engineering and design

Comprehensive design services

We offer integrated design and expert services as part of our turnkey delivery projects. Our design philosophy is based on a sustainable lifecycle and quality. We create the design in a cost-effective way and always with the network's overall quality in mind.

We offer professional design expertise in building mobile and fixed networks as well as hardware construction. Empower's design and projectisation professionals are skilled in several technologies and systems. We do planning for individual projects as well as nationwide projects.

Mobile network design


We design mobile networks with different technologies from 2G networks to 5G networks. Design work can be done either for new construction or for network modification and modernization. Mobile network design services may also include a base station licencing if desired.

Fixed network design

Fixed network design services are mainly for the fiber network design either for the fiberization of new areas, for the replacement of old copper cabling by fiber optic cable or for modernization and modification of the existing fiber network. Design work covers design work from individual location to nationwide design projects where there are many locations and/or plans are extensive.

Device construction design

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