Maintenance services with years of experience

The functionality, speed and flexibility of data communication are essential in our daily lives and serve as fuel for innovations and new services. We provide connections 24/7 to ensure efficient and reliable data services. We develop operating models constantly to deliver an optimal customer experience and focus strongly on digital solutions based on new technologies.

Empower offers preventive maintenance services, annual maintenance, repair and documentation services all over Finland through a national maintenance organization. We are an experienced and flexible partner for the administration of an entire communication network during its lifetime. In addition to securing the operation of the data network, we also provide maintenance services for telematics.

We have expanded our services for operators in preventive hardware room and mast maintenance, mobile fault resolution, trunk network device repairs and urgent hardware room infrastructure repairs. We also offer cable locating services. Our experts do the field work by locating underground cables with a detection device and indicating the cable positions clearly so that excavators are able to watch out for them.

Our customers include mainly operators, property owners and investors, towns and municipalities. We are big enough to deliver and small enough to care.

Preventive maintenance ensures the network's service security

We anticipate fault situations as well as map and schedule the maintenance needs of the communication infrastructure to prevent outages. We utilize data analytics, which helps us provide real-time information about the network's maintenance needs to support our customers' investment decisions.

Our experts plan proactive maintenance programs nationwide by agreement on account of time and/or need. Monthly and daily plans are created locally in regional organizations to ensure quick, flexible and efficient operation.

We offer preventive maintenance and data analytics services for hardware rooms utilising digital solutions to support efficient maintenance planning. Using our analytics services, our customers can switch from time-based maintenance to need-based servicing. A virtual tour to hardware rooms with Empower's Em360° service allows the evaluation of infrastructural life cycle management functions, such as change planning and investment need assessment, without having to visit the premises. Analytics services for preventive maintanance are provided with EmSight service. Sensors installed in hardware rooms monitor e.g. the air temperature and humidity to optimize temperature conditions. Fault situations can be foreseen and thus prevented using the information from sensors.

Repair and maintenance services

We provide reliable and professional repair and maintenance services for networks, devices and telematics. As our customer, you get real-time information about the progress of repair and maintenance services, as our experts report straight from the field.

We have a decade's experience about repair and preventive maintenance services for operator customers' consumer and company interfaces, copper and fibre cable network, cable TV network, fixed network devices and other customer areas, such as telematics. 

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