Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects with years of experience

We implement our full-service turnkey projects with high quality and timely delivery with years of experience. Our project management model brings flexible resources to projects implementation, and our safety culture ensures that everyone can get safely home after working day.

We deliver design, construction, installation, maintenance and operational services all from one place. We are performing network pre- and feasibility studies, designing the implementation and maintaining both power grids and power stations with professional skills. This will ensure undisturbed operation. We are proud of the versatile expertise of our staff and the ability to solve even the most demanding customer problems in a high quality and cost-effective manner, within the agreed upon timeframe.

Renewable energy pioneer

We are the leading global supplier of wind power and solar power services in Finland and our market share is growing due to positive customer experiences throughout Sweden, too. Our services cover the lifecycle services of the wind farm from development to construction, operation and maintenance. Our international wind power team consists of solid industry professionals.

Our customers build and maintain wind farms, invest in renewable energy or provide turbines or other main components for a wind or solar farm. As needed, we act as a comprehensive service integrator or as a service provider.

Extensive modernization of substations with strong domain competence

We are improving the reliability of electricity transmission by upgrading and building substations with new and intelligent technology across Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States. Our customers are DSO and TSO companies that invest in the power grid. In addition to operational reliability, investments have also led to digitalisation and Empower has the ability to modernize substations so that they can utilize new technologies for remote control, operation and maintenance, for example. In our substation projects we are realizing the transformation of the energy sector, for example, preparing for an increased use of electric vehicles and the growth of decentralized energy production.

Responsible partner for power line projects

The construction of power lines is part of Empower's core competence. We have solid experience in the construction of power lines and have improved usability by renewing the transmission grid across Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. In addition to our experience, we offer our customers the latest innovations in the field for various solutions in power line projects. By renewing power lines, we can guarantee the safety of improved power generation and make it possible to connect new energy producers to the grid.

Our distribution network projects ensure an uninterrupted power supply

We help DSO companies by modernizing and improving the electricity grid to meet the needs of the future. In our projects, we extend the quality review tens of years in advance from the perspective of technology, economics and the environment to ensure the smoothest possible supply of uninterrupted electricity.

Perfectly tuned project delivery

CASE: Fingrid

Commissioned by Fingrid, we implemented the replacement of seven 400kV high voltage circuit breakers during Fortum's Loviisa nuclear power plant's annual maintenance.

During the first plant revision, we replaced the old 400kV air-blast circuit breakers in three fields with SF6 gas circuit breakers and during the next revision, the circuit breakers in the remaining four fields. 

The work was performed simultaneously by three teams comprising in all 15 technicians and testers all employed by Empower.

Detailed schedules and plans had been drawn up for the work, since there was only one week per revision to perform the work. The installation and tests were performed carefully and safely according to schedule.

Thanks to good planning and skilled staff an excellent end result was achieved.