Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance services with two decades of experience

Empower has provided operation and maintenance services to the industrial sector throughout the company’s 20-year history. When operation and maintenance services are outsourced to Empower's experienced professionals, customers can concentrate on their core business.

We offer the best service in the industry, modern tools and processes, easy functionality, and flexible skills, so that we can achieve success together without making any compromises on work safety. We are committed to continual improvement of HSE culture and cut no corners in our expenses on work safety and the environment. We help our customers achieve their environmental goals. We utilise digital services to improve active work safety. 

Operation and maintenance services can be implemented as an ongoing service or on an hourly basis.

Functional processes and modern IoT services

We increase our customers’ revenue potential by maximising availability and productivity. Good availability is achieved by combining functional processes with the possibilities that digitalisation brings. We offer IoT services that clearly improve the efficiency of our customers’ production facilities. Cost-effectiveness is achieved through planned processes, efficient use of resources, and procurement carried out with professional competence. Empower’s expert network of skill personnel and our organisation’s local, mobile and centralised resourcing help to ensure an optimal level of operation.

When we manage the operational maintenance process, we assume responsibility for the life cycle of customers’ machinery and equipment. This includes determining the criticality of devices, selection of maintenance strategy, maintenance programs for different equipment, managing the daily implementation of maintenance work, and plans and investment proposals for devices that are at the end of their life cycles.

Development of operations is an important part of service. Depending on the level at which our customers are starting, we develop maintenance processes, maintenance programs, reporting practices, work safety practices, the operational level of machinery, shutdown management, user maintenance, analysis and utilisation of data, optimisation of spare part needs, and more. Development is realised as processes, taking the form of projects or similar, whereby quality is raised to meet desired targets, and continual improvements in functioning as a part of daily operations.

To manage and develop operational maintenance processes, Empower offers:

  • Maintenance strategy and metrics
  • Maintenance resourcing and planning
  • Development plans and analyses
  • Development of reporting

Operational services include monitoring and operation of the customer’s facilities. Our selection of services includes local operating services, remote operation services, user maintenance and the development and reporting thereof. For the analysis and development of production, we offer digital solutions that utilise Big Data.

Monitoring and operations can be implemented according to purpose, either from Empower’s remote monitoring site, via a local operational group, or through a combination of these. Centralising of the monitoring of facilities at Empower’s 24/7 monitoring site, and the implementation of local operation and maintenance through a shared organisational structure covering the same geographical area, is a highly use-efficient and cost-effective way of monitoring and utilising facilities, particularly those of smaller size.

The ongoing development of maintenance processes in collaboration with our customers is a key part of our business. The goal of development of operations is the achievement and continual improvement of the customer’s strategic goals. The development plan is an essential part of the service agreement, and the realisation of goals is tracked, measured and directed in a mutual steering group.

Our comprehensive service selection for full-life-cycle maintenance includes:
  • Management of maintenance
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Repair of defects
  • Maintenance assessment and reports

Our five-step maintenance strategy responds to the customer’s range of different maintenance needs. We offer quality corrections of faults, planned periodic maintenance services, preventive monitoring of conditions, systematic proactive measures based on predictability, and intelligent analysis services that utilise IoT and Big Data.

Empower’s purchasing and storage services are a comprehensive solution to the needs of a customer’s procurements. With our service package, our customers get reliable deliveries, storage and availability of spare parts, in a cost-effective manner.  We take care of determining needs, managing item categories and procurement agreements, purchasing and storage, and optimisation of value.

Empower’s purchasing and storage services

Procurement of materials and warehouse management

  • Procurement of supplies and spare parts
  • Requirements planning and management of item categories
  • Assisting the client in procurements related to investments
  • Warehouse management: procedures, reception, retrievals from storage, inventorying


  • Purchase of outside services and monitoring of deliveries
  • Empower’s centralised resource management
  • Procurement agreements

Optimisation of employed capital

  • Ensuring the availability of spare parts critical for production, in a cost-effective manner
  • Coordinated use of warehouses managed by Empower
  • Optimisation of the cost of supply-type materials
  • Commercial warehouses and spare parts pools
  • Procurement agreements
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